Fijian Sunset



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April 10, 2013 · 8:51 pm

One response to “Fijian Sunset

  1. Mom

    OMG!!! What an “adventure” in Fiji. Glad I didn’t know about it until after you were safely off to New Zealand. Glad you didn’t have to try to bite Kate’s leg to suck the venom out! Glad you are not there anymore and have each other’s backs…..keep that up! Uncle Harry said that this type of travel would give you a whole different perspective of places than you will have when you are my age and staying in hotels, not hostels! I think this trip will make for a very interesting read…..keep it up, but don’t forget I want to hug you again and have you safe always. Try to find some nice stories without knives and snakes involved! I love you (and Kate). XOXO, Mom

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