And we’re off!


Kate and I left Fort Lauderdale at 12:50 pm today, April 2nd, 2013. We have a few layovers and many, many hours on planes and in airports ahead of us, but we are excited, albeit already missing the crap out of our families and friends. I cried a lot this morning hugging my parents and sisters, I’ll miss them more than anything else in America including the giant showers, cheesy hamburgers, and Pizza Hut 10 Dollar Dinner Boxes. But, adventure awaits. I keep looking at Kate saying, “This is crazy. I never thought we’d be here. We’re actually doing this!” And she always answers with an enthusiastic “I know! I can’t believe it!” We feel so lucky to be going where we’re headed, with 42 pounds of luggage on each of our backs. We’ll see you for the holidays, America. Save us a slice of apple pie!



April 2, 2013 · 9:12 pm

6 responses to “And we’re off!

  1. Dad

    Life is a highway and you’re gonna ride it — all the way around the world! You two are amazing and lucky. Have fun!!

  2. Shannon

    Lol, Dad! Adventure highway! Love you! We miss you too!

  3. Mom

    Enjoy the ride……and remember the moments will never repeat!
    God bless you all the way. Can’t wait to read your adventures…you really ARE blessed!! I’m counting on those guardian angels and your good intuition and love for each other to keep you safe ’til we meet again. XO

  4. Aunt Becky

    You go, girl! I loved your travel blog even before you left for your RTW trip. I can’t wait to live each experience with you through your writing. So honored that I was there to see you off. Stay safe, happy and adventurous. Namaste.
    Aunt Becky xoxox

  5. Mary Mullen

    I hope you grow a lot and learn a lot and come back super chill and spiritual and shit. but i also hope you never become too cool for binge eating and laughing at how gay I am. DON’T FORGET ABOUT ME ERIN! Because I sure as hell won’t forget about you.

    Ps. Consider yourself stalked for the next 9 months.

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