Prep and Inspiration


Even though we won’t be celebrating Diwali in India, I cannot wait for our five weeks there. If anyone has any suggestions for great places to know, please send them my way! So far we are planning on drinking all the chai in the country, doing yoga in Rishikesh, seeing the sunset ceremonies in Varanasi, and taking a camel safari because c’mon, ya gotta!

This picture that I came across inspired me today and got me even more excited than yesterday, which was my birthday, and I was gifted with some awesome new supplies! My Mom got me my pack, a 60 L Gregory in Bodega Blue, it’s beautiful and hopefully as functional as they say. I also got a daypack from a mysterious donor on my Amazon registry, a headlamp from my Grandma, money from my Dad (thanks, Dad!), a “flashlight” (read: taser) from my Aunt Alice, a journal from my Aunt Kathy, a Klean Kanteen from a family friend, a digital camera from my stepmom, and from my best friend Leif a KA-BAR combat knife for my protection and to up my kickass-ness tenfold! Of course, Dad has already helped me start looking into knife fighting classes. Also, my travel buddy and BFF made me a globe cake:



There’s still a lot to be purchased though, so if anyone was planning on gifting me a Christmas present: FEEL FREE! Nothing will go to waste, I promise!

It’s great to be 23! My dad says 23 was one of the best years of his life, here’s hoping I can follow in his footsteps, though it’ll be a bit longer of a path 😀



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